Peppercorn Hill Landscape Masterplan
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Peppercorn Hill Landscape Masterplan


Dennis Family Corporation


Donnybrook, VIC

The Peppercorn Hill landscape master plan for this 5000 lot development in Donnybrook has been designed to create a strong sense of place and diverse neighbourhoods with spaces that integrate key natural, cultural and heritage features. Achievements of the master plan include:

  • High quality urban design and public realm standard
  • Attractive and comfortable streets and public spaces as a centre of community life
  • Integrated and accessible public space network catering to all ages and types of users
  • Public open spaces linked via an attractive pedestrian and cycle network
  • Retention of scattered River Red Gums and sensitively treated urban interfaces to natural, heritage and cultural assets
  • Retention of Hayes Hill in a natural state as a key regional feature

Hayes Hill Reserve and Darebin Creek are the pivotal focus of the Peppercorn Hill Estate, they are celebrated forms within the development, and it is envisioned that future residents will develop a strong cognitive and emotional connection to Peppercorn Hill, as an extension of their home and part of their community. The design of the public realm and open spaces draw strength and influence from the landform of the ‘Hill’ and create a dynamic landscape experience for the estate’s occupants.

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